Why honeymoons are important for newlyweds?

Wedding is one of the most important occasions in any one’s life. It is the intimate union and equal partnership of two souls and body with different habits and thought process. However, wedding day is the most stressful day in everyone’s life, the preparations, rituals, visitors. Studies say immediate days after the marriage is very important in forming the relationship between the partners. Traditionally honeymoon is considered as the best way to relieve some of the stress. Especially in the case of arranged marriages honeymoon can act as a icebreaker that allows the couples know each other closely.

Going on a honeymoon is a way to create new memories, while you trust each other and explore their partner’s unfamiliar territories. Every moments in the honeymoon allows you to be away from office ,friends and other tensions and helps to connect with your partner mentally and physically. The privacy from the honeymoon helps to know your partner in a better way.


Visit to an exotic destination and watch the scenic beauty or seeing a sunrise in an amazing beach by holding you’re your partner’s hands can create magic in your relations. Studies says most of the couples loves to visit hill stations and backwaters for their honeymoon, mother nature has its own secret ingredients to boost the chemistry between couples. Without any doubt a honeymoon can create some sweet moments in anyone’s life which can last forever.

Kerala is one of the most popular honeymoon destination in India , also known as the Gods own Country. This small state in the southern part of India is blessed with its natural beauty. Mesmerizing highlands, Tropical forests and enchanting backwaters can create deep romance in everyone’s mind.

We have handpicked some top honeymoon destinations in Kerala which can bring out the romance in you, please follow our blogs to know about these exotic destinations…

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