Tips That Can Help Plan Your Kerala Backwater Trip.


Backwater cruising is one of the main attractions of Kerala Tourism. To cruise in a Houseboat is why most of the people come to Kerala. To spend a day or a whole day and night in a houseboat is a dream for of many – be it local people or tourist from other states or countries. So here are some tips to all those who are considering backwater cruising.

Let’s see what makes Backwater cruising so special

What attracts tourist to the backwaters of Kerala is a natural beauty and the feeling of being close to nature. It’s what makes backwaters the best destination for honeymoon and pre-wedding photo shoot. It also offers a glimpse of the rural life of Keralites. Another key attraction is the houseboats. To spend a day in a boat that gives of the feeling of a floating house is everyone’s dream. The ayurvedic spas and water activities gain the attention of tourists.

Now the things to consider regarding the trip

1. Deciding what you want

What is that you want? Find an answer to the question and move forward. If you are just planning a relaxing vacation time. Look at the packages offered by various travel agencies. But your trip is about discovering the beauty of Kerala more intimately, then the tour packages may not be of big help. You could try to discover it on your own. But it’s best to get local help.

2. Where you want to go?

Once you decide to go, it’s the question of where you want to go. In Kerala, you can go to a lot of places using the waterways. It’s should find a place that you want to go. Each place has different things to offer. Like enjoying bird watching at Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary and watching the famous Nehru Trophy Snake Boat race, if you are planning to visit Kumarakom.

3. Packages and agencies

There are a lot of houseboat packages available. According to your need, you can choose one. Like if you just want a ride on the houseboat, then there are day-out packages. If you want to have an overnight stay, that can also be arranged. Another thing that matters is the number of people. Most of the agencies offer special packages for couples.

Now, using private houseboats will give a sense of privacy and calmness to you. But if you are travelling solo and on a tight budget, there is always the public ferry. There are many different choices in those too – like a one-way long-distance trip on a houseboat. This experience is vastly different from private houseboats

4. Eating local delicacies

Kerala, like in many another case, is gifted with good food. For all the foodies, it would be an endless treat. The main attraction here is fish. One can find a variety of fish and fish related dishes here. The houseboat usually has an option of cooking the fish you want in the way you want. Another attraction is toddy bars. It’s actually best to get your share of toddy in the morning itself. As the day progress, it’s taste changes. It’s also best to ask your tour agent about the food they would be providing. This way you would know what to expect.

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