Guide to Different Houseboat Tour Packages in Kerala

Cruising the water in the comforts of home – it is this feeling that a houseboat gives to its rides. A feeling of calm and peace and a sense of being close to nature seeps deep into the heart of those cruising in a Houseboat. Houseboats were a mode of transporting goods in the olden days. Now it has simply become a part of tourism. One can avail the services of Houseboats in Alleppey and Kumarakom. It is also available in Kollam and Vaikom.

The Venice of the East – Alleppey has a beauty that lasts throughout the year.  The serene beauty is what attracts the tourist. The backwaters, Vembanad lake, Bird Sanctuary,  the long beaches and the religious places all beckon the visitors to its lap of pleasantness. To give the tourist the best of what Alleppey has to offer, travel and tourist agencies have many packages. One can choose a package that suits one’s needs perfectly.

Houseboat Tour Packages:

There are Day Out packages, Two Day Package, Overnight packages and many others. If you only have a single day it is best to take up the Day Out package. A full day in houseboat cruising the waters of Alleppey or Kumarakom enjoying the scenic beauty of nature and the special cuisines of the Alleppey. It would be a well-spent day with friends or family.

If you want to spend the night in a houseboat, then there is an overnight package. The dream of enjoying the night sky of Alleppey and flavoring the local cuisine in a houseboat can be made true with this package. If you have more than one day free, plan and choose a package accordingly. Following are a few packages available with Deva Travel House:

Choose your package and enjoy your trip on the houseboat.

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