Best Time to Experience Houseboats in Alleppey


Houseboats rides are something everyone has in their travel bucket list. Alleppey is one of the best place to go for a houseboat ride. Now the question is, which is the best time to go?

When one thinks of backwaters, Alleppey is among the first places that comes to mind. The picture of Houseboat has become the picture of Alleppey. Tourists swarm to “the Venice of East” at all times. But it is always best to visit Alleppey at certain times of the year to experience the feel of being with nature to the full extent.

Winter in Alleppey

Alleppey in winter is undoubtedly the best time of the year. The beautiful and invigorating winter season is during the months of November to February. The cool and pleasant climate is one attraction in itself. It is also the best time to explore the backwaters and make a memorable ride in a houseboat. Since the weather is really nice sightseeing will be a pleasant experience. Honeymoon Couples, avid explorers and beach bouncers – all can get the best of what Alleppey has to offer.

Summer in Alleppey

Alleppey during summer is the second best time to make your visit to the “Venice of the East”. From April till June, it is moderately hot summer with the maximum temperature not exceeding 38 degrees Celsius. Sightseeing might not be as comfortable as in winter but the beauty of nature is as pleasant as ever.

Festive Time

If you see and feel the festive mood of Alleppey better come during August – September. One can see the Nehru Trophy Boat Race in Vembanad Lake. The long snake boats racing each other to win the prestigious trophy and the crowd cheering the racers all will make your heart beat faster. Without knowing, you will join the crowd becoming one with the mass. The energy and enthusiasm of the racers and the mass is invigorating and fills up your heart with positive energy.

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  1. Nikhil

    Good one! Alleppey houseboat cruise is an awesome experience. I would say that the best time to experience Alleppey is November – January. The weather isn’t too hot and scenery is as good as ever. Summer isn’t an ideal time due to very hot weather. I don’t recommend a monsoon visit as well.

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